Have you ever thought about creating your own graphic novel? It’s a long and intense process, often taking many months, or years, to finish. This website’s goal is to be a great place to begin learning how to write your own graphic novel.

We’ve set up a variety of categories to make the process easier:

Under the About tab, we’ve got information about what graphic novels are, the history behind them, and more information about who “we” are and why we created this site.

Next, we provide you with tips to get started: what equipment and materials you’ll need before you begin, and examples of some motivations behind the creative process.

The Next Steps page helps you with the actual creation of the story: writing an outline and script, developing characters, drawing, layout and format, and so on.

Finally, we also have additional resources, such as book lists of graphic novels to draw inspiration from, information on getting your book published, and tips on using graphic novels in an educational setting.


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